“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars….”

     The IInd part is by a dear friend…


 Don’t teach me about love, my eyes will mock you.

Don’t talk to me about the sting, my sister, I’ll show you scars you don’t want to see.

Don’t kid yourself – you’re not Joan Baez, he can never be your Dylan.

There will be blood is more than just a movie title.

Blood. Cigarette smoke .Ridicule. Disgrace .Primal instinct.Phantom sex.

See who’s lambasting me next -Sleep.

No sleep. No sleep. No sleep. No respect. No fucking respect.

Too scared to close my eyes, All I see are my blood stained jeans.

I can see the broken bottles. I can feel the metal digging into my flesh;

And I can see myself smile through it all.

Seven voices. One pool bar. Clouds in the sky. Rounds of beer. Ten thousand lies.

 Atleast cocaine don’t lie..she don’t lie,she don’t lie,she don’t lie,cocaine..

One kiss sending seven sharks into a frenzy….

 Love comes cheap…

Trade it for more than it’s worth..

When you find a convenient streetlight, you know it’s time to step out of the shade.

Romeo said, “All I do is kiss you through the bars of a rhyme”..

But Romeo must die…


You tell me’no woman no cry

Let undeserving romeos die’

But while my creed goes up in smoke and ashes

 Sister, I bleed in back-alleys under broken streetlights

No cocaine can’t tame my senses

My gashes run beyond skin-deep

Maybe am just a pig in a cage on antibiotics

Wasting away on frozen thoughts and fluid emotions

3 years of a lie can’t be wished away in a heartbeat of pool tables and sharks

Maybe all i need is just a little patience

Maybe i’ll just live on a prayer

Till I can tell my diamonds from my rust…


11 Responses to ““The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars….””

  1. What began as pep talk between me and a dear friend shaped into a post that you see above. Maybe I can write another post to tell her how much she means to me. Happy reading..

  2. dicesndots Says:

    One kiss sending seven sharks into a frenzy …. awesome.

  3. encore'.... Says:

    Sweets you really do inspire me to push myself to be the best ‘me’ I could possibly be…luv and hugs…

  4. Anil Prabhu Says:

    Acceptance… Rebellion..
    Patience.. Hope.. Desperation.. Hope..
    Correction.. Justification..

    A peculiar blend ..
    Makes you re-read.. again..

    and again..

    One simple word to describe this magnum opus: Amazing !

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