Of inflexion…

A lot of water has gone down the bridge. I am stuck at a point of inflexion. Yes, we speak like that nowadays. We talk of economies of scope and we nod knowingly at sector analyses.

True Neha, we appreciate things more now.

I took a walk in my lane at about 2 a.m. some day last week. It is one of the things I do on impulse. (And no, I don’t relate to the talk of impulse buy of chocolates at all ).The petrichor that rose from the soil took me back to a life that was.

No, Tomar, that life was not on rent.

I had read somewhere about life’s patterns. Not stock cycles, no. Patterns that connect reflections to images, glints to light, weaves to fabrics, needles to thread, walls to rooms, love to fear to anger to remorse. I often think of them. Like I did today when I made friends with a mehendi artist in my lane this evening. “ Mera bhai toh teytoo banata hai madam”,he told me, even as he made intricate design after design on my hand. I smiled.

“Wah Wah”,you would have said Rohit.

It’s time to set my alarm and crash. The “car key” already has. Who knows what will be unleashed on us this Tuesday. In an Edwardian summer where bliss came from a radio head, I would’ve said No alarms and no surprises.

But from now to October, some songs will have to remain the same. Not because of our Buland Khudi but despite it.


One Response to “Of inflexion…”

  1. And the writer is back… This definitely calls for a celebration. Bartender, please bring the oldest bottle of wine in the cellar 🙂

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